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Health & Safety

Good information reduces the opportunity for physical fatigue, workplace stress and injury, and it reduces the opportunity for serious accidents.

You can help us to manage our time, resources and well-being by telling us what we need to know about your move.

What we need to know to work safely and efficiently:

  • Your load size (a list of the larger and heavier items, the number of boxes bags, pot-plants etc. you expect to have and an overview of everything else)
  • How well prepared you will be (will you be packed up and ready for loading or require some assistance with dismantling, wrapping or packing)
  • Access notes for all addresses (long paths, stairs, lifts or any other factor that will slow loading and unloading)

The information above will help us to schedule the right resources and to deliver an efficient service. If you are unable to do this please let us know and we’ll call to discuss your requirements.

Please note: Call-out Rates will be applied when we accommodate under-described and unprepared loads, unadvised access issues and last-minute requests. The application of call-out rates will be advised.

How you can help us to work safely and save money

Please clear low branches, overgrowth and obstacles from access-ways. Flax across paths is particularly dangerous. Please also remove or reduce moss on stairs and paths where this is possible. Obstacles and slippery surfaces make moving slow and hazardous.

If you are able to secure good parking for our truck please do, it will save you time and money.

For more information please call 0800 826 626 or

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Our Promise

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Health & Safety

Your health, safety and well-being are our highest priority. more

What will it cost?

The cost of your move will be determined by three things — the load size, access to the properties and your preparation: more

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