Do you provide packaging?

Yes, we do provide packaging. please call us to discuss your needs.

When contracted to pack, the materials we provide are charged as disbursements.

Packaging supplies are also available from all self-storage units. Good used boxes are generally available from supermarkets and appliance stores — call ahead to confirm the best time to collect them.

Do you do out-of-town relocations?

Yes, we routinely relocate homes to and from the Wairarapa, the Kapiti Coast, the Horowhenua, the Manawatu, and Wanganui. We may work further afield if requested.

Is VanMan insured?

VanMan has Comprehensive Motor Vehicle and Carrier’s Liability Insurance which applies to work we undertake at “Limited Carriers Risk”. When we carry at “Owners Risk” the goods we carry are uninsured.

Our Comprehensive Motor Vehicle policy provides cover for accidental loss or damage to insured motor vehicles and/or damage to third party property or bodily injury, resulting from the use of those vehicles for both business and private purposes within New Zealand.

Our Carriers Liability policy provides cover for legal liability for damage or loss to third party goods that are contracted to be carried at “Limited Carrier’s risk” within New Zealand, in accordance with the provisions of the Contracts and Commercial Law Act 2017.

If your risk needs are not met by this agreement, please arrange Transit Insurance with your insurance provider or purchase EziMove insurance cover on-line.

Will you come on time?

Yes if we possibly can. We understand that waiting for a booked service can be very frustrating and inconvenient. However scheduling a full days work to run on time is our biggest challenge. Please be understanding if we are running a bit late — and call us for an update. We do communicate with the trucks and will provide you with a revised ETA as soon as the men are able to provide one.

Won’t two men be enough?

Having the right team for the job is important. Nobody works well when they’re overwhelmed. Three men on a larger job is much more efficient than two. With two men carrying and one man loading, no one is jumping in and out of the truck and this means the pace is maintained. If your move is “bigger” or the access is “difficult” ask for three men. The hourly rate will be a little more but the cost is likely to be less.

What about the weather?

Our men work in all weather conditions and we do what we can to protect vulnerable items from the wet. We will take instructions from you and if you have specific concerns we will find the best solution to address them.

Note that putting wet items into storage is not ideal. If you are concerned about this possibility please discuss this with us, there are practical steps that can be taken.

Weather does affect service times, not usually dramatically, but it’s not often that the weather is a complete show stopper. Health and safety concerns do very occasionally prohibit us from completing scheduled work. In this event, we will do everything we can to provide a workable solution.

What about drawers?

If your drawer unit is solidly built and not too heavy, it’s fine to leave the contents in the drawers.
If the drawer unit is solid and heavy or if the unit is kit-set and not solidly built, it is better to empty the drawers. Heavy furniture is not easy to move and much more prone to damage and home assembled furniture does not transport well – especially when drawers are full.

The men may need to put the unit on its side to move or transport it. If they do, they will probably remove the drawers and re-insert them later.

Tip — Clothes travel well in plastic sacks. Sacks are less expensive than boxes and are easy to load in the truck. “If in doubt take it all out”

What about boxes?

Whether your boxes are bought for the purpose or acquired from the supermarket or appliance store isn’t important. Please make sure they are robust enough to carry their contents and well taped up. BIG heavy boxes and small items make moving slow.

Tip — use soft furnishings and linens to top up boxes of heavier items. Plastic sacks are the best and most cost-effective way to pack cushions, bedding, clothing and other soft items.

Can we help?

Yes, your help is welcome. We like working with our customers. But please keep young people (under 15 years), dogs and other pets away from the action.

How do we prepare?

Most importantly do not stress… Call for advice. We’ll provide lots of good advice to assist with your situation and reduce the cost. If you would like Van Man to assist let us know. We have an efficient pre-move and packing service.

A well-prepared load will ensure that your move is efficient. Loose items take longer to load and unwrapped items are more vulnerable to damage. Label boxes with the rooms they are to go to. Dismantle beds, tables and shelving. Put it all in the garage or in one area of your house that makes it easy to load.

If you can’t get it all packed let us know. We’ll bring the resources to get you moved efficiently. It will cost more if you don’t – especially if we have to bring in extra staff to get it done in time. Most often, we have other scheduled work.